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Master the art of 3D animation and ride the wave of social media success! Our course unlocks the secrets to creating captivating content for platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Turn your passion into profit—learn the skills that can earn you big bucks in the booming animation industry. Enroll now and start your journey towards creative fulfillment and financial freedom!

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Character Creation Idea

Before you create a Character you should know how will it look, and how to create Basic Structure of the Character. In short, you should know from where to start. This part of the course will teach you exactly that.

Cartoon Background Design

Background is the most important part of your video. A good background can take your video to the next level. But finding good background is hard or copyright protected. So In this course you will learn to create your own background from your mobile.

Drawing Your Own Character

Characters are the face of your video. All the cartoon channels you love to watch is because they have good looking and unique characters. And you will learn exactly how to create own cartoon character which is unique and good looking at the same time.

Adding Bones To Your Character

Bones Are the most important of a character. If you can’t make it right you won’t be able to animate your character. So we have taken more time explain this and tell you how you can create bones of your character, with a perfect in hand tutorial. And again you can do it from your mobile only.

Hand, Legs and Body Movement

Your animation will never look good if you can’t move the body parts properly. So we have shared some simple tips and tricks to do this hard job easily.

Perfect Lip Sync

Fixing the lips while your character speaks. This may sound easy but this is not. But just Because We have more than 4 years of experience in the animation field, we can make it easy with some simple ideas.

Walk, Sit, Wake Up etc Animation

You may need scenes like walking, sitting etc. Well you can create all these easily after this 3d animation course.

Cartoon Special Effects

You will need to create some special effects to enhance your scene, like Rain Animation, Smoke Animation, Bikes And Car Driving Animation and many more animations. And this course has it all.

Perfect Lighting For indoor and Outdoor

I found lighting is the toughest job is Blender. If you can’t do the proper lighting your scene will become dark. And trust me it’s the hardest job but we have a simple 1 click solution to this just ready to go.

Animating Cars, Bikes etc

You will need Bikes, Cars, Air Planes, Trains etc in your videos. So in this course you will learn animate them on your own.

Explained In This Video

What you will learn in this Animation Mastery Course

> Character Creation Idea
> Cartoon Background Design
> Creating Your Own Character
> Adding Bones To Your Character
> Hand, Legs and Body Movement
> Creating Multiple Camera Angle
> Perfect Lip Sync in 1 click
> Cartoon Special Effects like Smoke etc
> Perfect Lighting For indoor and Outdoor
> One Click Light in Full Scene
> Change Light Colors
> Using Cars, Bikes etc
> Creating & Using Animals and Birds.
> Animating Cars, Bikes etc
> Animating Animals and Birds.
> *Voice Edit with Ease
> Best Voice Over Apps And Styles
> Learn Voice Changing For Every Situation
> Create Texture Dress (Multi Color Dress)
> Super Edit From Filmora
> Bake Audio Easily
> A Shortcut Method To Do Everything
> Free Sound Effects
> Free Apps (All Apps We Used in This Course)
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Improve Your Animation With Special Skills

Multiple Camera Angle

The best way to make your video engaging you should create multiple camera angles. But this not easy at all for a new user, that’s why many big youtube channels use same camera angles again and again. But with our tricks you can show multiple view of same scene, Thats the best part of 3D cartoon.

Drawing and Animating Animals and Birds

You will need Birds, Animals etc in your videos. So in this you will learn how to draw and animate them. And trust me, you don’t need any skill to draw and animate these.

Best Voice Over Apps And Styles

If you can’t do a good voice over to your story or your characters, your video will fail for sure. And guess what? we have fixed the issue. You will learn how to do voiceover, and you will get some best apps to do this as well.

Voice Edit with Ease

Doing good Voiceover is no enough. You need to edit the voice to add sound effects etc. also you need to create different  audio tracks for each character to lip sync it. And in this 3d animation course you learn these all as well.

Bake Audio Easily

You need to bake the audio just after you start your animation, which is a hard job to do. But we have made it easy, you can do it in 2 minutes.

Create Texture Dress (Multi Color Dress)

You may have scene in big channels that characters wearing check or printed or multicolor dress. We have got this covered as well in this course.

Super Edit From Filmora

Creating a good video in blender is not enough. You need to give it final touch before you show it to the world. So you need to edit it well. We have given you editing tips as well, we have used filmora to edit.

Free Sound Effects (SFX)

Good sound effects ensures that your video is good. And You will get all the sound effects you need to create a viral video.

Free Apps

You will need many apps to create a high quality and professional video. But if you get this course you don’t to buy all the apps individually. We will provide all the apps you need, For FREE.

Become An YouTuber

Cartoon videos grows faster than any other categories on youtube, you may know this. So this your chance to create high quality professional cartoons and grow your channel faster.

Become A Freelancer

Freelancer jobs are becoming famous nowdays as you have the complete control over your work. What do, when you do even you do it or not, It will be your complete decision when you become a freelancer. In one words Be Your Own Boss.

Get An Animator Job

There are several big companies who are always seeking for Good Animators. So It can be an opportunity for you grab those jobs. Hurry Up, Competition is getting tougher day by day.

Work on Fiverr

There are several websites like fiverr and upwork which will provide you offers to complete a cartoon video for a high amount, Sometimes you can make even 1 Lakh rupees for a single video. But to do that you need to learn it better. That’s what you will get in this course.